Caravan Servicing

Get your caravan serviced with Newport Caravans.


Newport Caravans is an NCC Approved Workshop  which means you can have complete peace of mind when you leave your caravan or motorhome with us whether it be for a routine annual service, warranty service or an accident repair.

Leisure vehicles should be serviced on an annual basis – even if a tourer or motorhome is used only a couple of times a year.  (Lack of use can cause its own problems.)

If you intend to tour a great deal, especially in areas where the roads are not well surfaced, then it is worth considering more than one service per year.  Poor roads can adversely affect tyres, suspension, body and fittings etc.

So what does an NCC Approved service entail?

When you book you caravan in for a service we  will check your caravan according to a service check list and habitation damp report which covers over 60 different checks.  You will be given a completed copy of this check list and damp report for you to keep as your service history and exactly like the service history for your car this will increase the value on your caravan if you decide to sell it later on.

Why do I need to have my touring caravan/motorhome serviced?

Your caravan or motorhomes needs to be regularly serviced for roadworthiness and the habitation areas need regular inspections to ensure there has been no deterioration. If your caravan/motorhome is under warranty, it will require servicing within a stipulated time for that warranty to remain valid.