Swift Caravans

Newport Caravans have been Swift main dealers for over seven years and this is testament to the quality and style of their caravans.  The swift range of caravans have a strong solid construction with luxurious interiors.  Swift is one of the UK’s leading caravan manufacturer, they have a SMART intelligent construction system which is used across their entire range of caravans.

SMART is based on proven technology and provides a strong timber-less body frame with modern desirable looks and a leading aerodynamic shape that is highly resilient to moisture.

We stock a wide range of Swift's caravans from the top of the range Elegance to the entry level Swift Basecamp.  You can view any of the following ranges at our 3 acre site, with our large indoor heated showroom.

  • Swift Basecamp
  • Swift Elegance
  • Swift Conqueror
  • Swift Challenger
  • Swift Challenger GTX (Our own unique dealer special)
  • Swift Spite GTS
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Models in the Swift Range

Swift Basecamp #

With the right mix of comfort and convenience Basecamp is full of compact charm yet bursting with the features - it's "The Ultimate crossover camping vehicle"

ModelBerth (Sleeps)AxlesPrices (From)
Basecamp (Plus)21 £17,540

Swift Sprite #

2018 marks the complete redesign of Sprite, the UK’s best-selling caravan range and the results are stunning.

ModelBerth (Sleeps)AxlesPrices (From)
Alpine 221 £16,935
Alpine 441 £17,095
Major 4 SB41 £18,735
Major 4 EB41 £19,265
Major 661 £18,835
Major 6 TD61 £19,005
Quattro EW62 £20,395
Quattro FB62 £20,395
Quattro DD62 £20,895
Quattro EB62 £20,895

Swift Sprite GTS Special #

Its new streamlined profile and fully re-styled interior creates a more up-market feel.

In addition to an already high specification, all models come with an impressive list of exclusive features.

ModelBerth (Sleeps)AxlesPrices (From)
Major 4 SB GTS41 £19,725
Major 4 EB GTS41 £20,295
Major 6 TD GTS61 £20,215
Quattro EB GTS62 £22,060
Quattro FB GTS62 £21,545
Quattro DD GTS62 £21,950

Swift Challenger #

With modern styling and cutting edge interiors the Challenger range provides outstanding value at weights that can be towed by most family cars. Whether you want to kick back and relax or explore the great outdoors, the Challenger comes with eight models including one twin axle model.

ModelBerth (Sleeps)AxlesPrices (From)
48021 £19,230
53041 £20,530
56041 £21,630
56541 £21,030
58041 £21,240
59061 £21,630
63542 £22,930
64542 £22,930

Swift Challenger GTX #

The same Challenger but with some super extras fitted as standard

ModelBerth (Sleeps)AxlesPrices (From)
560 GTX41 £23,935
580 GTX41 £23,545
635 GTX42 £25,415

Swift Conqueror #

Synonymous with impressive style, this top range enjoys enviable combination of comfort, practicality and design innovation. Its distinctive aerodynamic exterior styling with sweeping front, imposing sunroof and rain water diverter has classic white sides. Avalaibla in single and twin axle layouts the Conqueror is one of the best all year round tourers that money can buy.

ModelBerth (Sleeps)AxlesPrices (From)
48021 £24,280
56041 £27,480
56541 £26,980
58041 £28,030
63062 £29,830
64542 £29,830
65042 £29,830

Swift Elegance #

Enjoying meticulous attention to detail and a high quality finish, the flagship Elegance range is in a class of its own. Professionally designed interiors give a modern style to supreme specification. The warm and welcoming soft furnishings create a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience anyone would feel at home in. There is also a luxury leather and 'Impala' option.

ModelBerth (Sleeps)AxlesPrices (From)
48021 £26,380
53041 £29,080
56541 £29,080
58041 £30,130
64542 £31,930
65042 £31,930