Buccaneer Caravans

If you are looking for the ultimate caravan, nothing beats Buccaneer.

Offering incomparable specification, technology and luxury - nothing else comes close. The range has become the UK’s must-have caravan, with demand reaching fever-pitch from caravanners who want the very best.

For 2018 Season, this unprecedented bestseller has been further enhanced.

New design and development take the All-New Buccaneer to a whole new level - now 8ft wide, with a unique integrated self-levelling system and a complete new redesign, both inside and out.

Elddis boasts they have the most advanced technology ever in leisure vehicles, with their SoLiD construction.

SoLiD Construction used a tried and tested chemical bonding process as used in advanced automotive manufacture, Formula 1, aircraft and marine construction. SoLiD construction eliminates water ingress, significantly increases structural rigidity and reduced weight to give better fuel consumption.

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