5 point winter check for your caravan | Newport Caravans

The winter can be a testing time when you own a caravan. Here are some tips to make your caravans' winter a good one.

1 - Storage #

Find a suitable place to store your caravan. Ensure your caravan is in a level location, store with the corner steadies down and the handbrake off. For added security fit a hitch lock or a wheel clamp such as Al-ko secure wheel lock.

2 - Exterior #

Clean the exterior of your van with a suitable proprietary cleaning product such as Fenwicks caravan cleaning products. Whilst cleaning look out for any mould or mildew patches, ensure these are treated to avoid them spreading throughout the winter. Apply an over winter wax covering to protect the exterior.

3 - Tyres #

When storing your caravan for any length of time it is important rotate your tyres every 6 – 8 weeks. Tyre treads do not like to be left in any one position for any length of time. Avoid any direct sunlight on the tyres, long term exposure to sunlight can degrade the rubber and they can eventually crack and perish.

4 - Interior #

Clean all areas inside of your caravan. Look for any areas that might let moisture in, dry all areas thoroughly. If you do have a leak this would be the ideal time to arrange a repair. Clean the fridge with a fridge cleaner, dry thoroughly and leave the door ajar to allow air to circulate.

Open up all beds and cushions, stand them where they will not lose their shape and air can circulate around them. Leave all blinds open and allow curtains to hang loose.

Use a dehumidifier (moisture catcher). Throughout the winter condensation and moist can build up in your van, a moisture catcher such as Moisture Mate collects the water in crystals. Follow the instructions on the box on how often it needs to be emptied / renewed

5 - Water, Gas and Electricity #

Drain down all water systems. The Floe winterisation drainage kit works exceptionally well by blowing the water out of your water system ensuring there isn't any standing water in any of the pipes or tanks. Any water left may freeze and cause cracking in the pipes. Don't forget the shower pipe, Aquaroll or any water storage containers.

If your caravan has water heating system such as Alde, add Alde anti-freeze to avoid it freezing up.

Disconnect the gas, removed the regulator from the bottle.

Switch off all electricity, ensure any appliances, lights etc that have a standby are switched off as these may use the leisure battery.

If possible, remove the leisure battery and place it on a trickle charger throughout the winter. Batteries can discharge over 6-8 weeks and once discharged they deteriorate and the life is significantly decreased.

Finally, cover your caravan with a breathable cover, such as a Maypole or Wilderness cover, suitable for your van. Ensure the exterior is completely clean and dry. Any particles of dirt may scratch the exterior of your van, particularly the windows when fitting the cover.

Where ever you are storing your van, it is important to follow the above steps. If you have any questions regarding storing your caravan over the winter months or suitable products such as hitch lock, secure wheel lock, cleaning agents, anti-freeze or a caravan cover please call and ask for our aftersales team on Newport (01633) 843066.