What is the safest outfit:weight ratio for towing a caravan

What is the safest outfit_weight ratio for towing a caravan?

To keep it simple it is safest to have the heaviest possible towcar for a given caravan. If the tow car is too light then the odds of the caravan swaying and snaking increase dramatically.

Try to aim for a towed load of either 85% of the cars kerb weight (KW) or the manufacturers towing limit if lower. For example as the difference gets closer to a 1:1 ration then the risk increases for the driver.

In regards to towing weights it’s crucial to understand the the towed weight is the actual laden weight (ALW) that the car is allowed to pull. The ALW is calculated as the weight of the caravan and the added contents. This is different to the Maximum Technically Permissible
Laden Mass (MTPLM) which refers to the maximum weight that can be added to a caravan.

If you come into the dealership we can check your vehicle against the Towsafe database for free, alternatively give us a call on 01633 843066 and we’ll be able to help you determine over the phone the type of caravan that you are safely able to pull.