Motorhomes & Caravans What Are The Differences?

Posted on September 12, 2018

If you have recently been bitten by the recreation vehicle bug, you may be wrestling with the common question faced by many individuals: should I go for a caravan or a motorhome? At Newport Caravans we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of new and used motorhomes for sale South Wales along with an equally great selection of caravans from top manufacturers. Our friendly team has advised customers on all kinds of questions but the Motorhome vs Caravan conundrum is very common amongst prospective customers!

If you are searching for caravans or motorhomes for sale South Wales and would like advice on which is the right fit for you, you should start by clarifying what kind of traveller you are, what you want to achieve and what you are prepared to spend. We recommend considering the following points:

Nomadic or Static?

An important thing to ask yourself is whether you would like to holiday by stopping briefly in multiple places or just stopping in one location for the whole holiday duration. Caravans are static trailers which once uncoupled, need to be secured and hooked up to electricity. You will also then need to fetch water and attach the waste meter amongst other pitching duties. Having to carry these duties out every night for three weeks is a lot of work which is why caravans are more generally suited to holidays with a single destination. With Motorhomes, everything to live and function is all included in one package so if you decide to move to a new location after your first night, it’s as simple as turning on the ignition and putting your vehicle in gear. Are you more of a multi-destination holidaymaker? Browse our impressive list of Motorhomes for sale South Wales now!


Manoeuvrability and the effect this has on driving is a significant difference between motorhomes and caravans. Depending on where you plan to travel, the fact that a car and the caravan being towed are different entities presents a more difficult challenge when navigating tight roads and winding corners. Although motorhomes are not exempt from experiencing the same problems in these scenarios, they usually have a much easier time going round corners, reversing and city driving than caravans. At Newport Caravans our team can help answer any questions on motorhomes for sale South Wales.   


Generally speaking, motorhomes tend to be more expensive than caravans. It may seem obvious but this is because everything in a motorhome needs to be carefully fitted on one chassis with considerations to the space and weight of the engine and drivers cab. Of course price will always vary depending on the model of either caravan or motorhome and the extras you opt for. A caravan however will have an effect on your car’s petrol consumption as towing will see you use more fuel so it’s important to factor in this cost if you are looking at a caravan as a cheaper option. Price is a big part of any purchase decision but Newport Caravans has an impressive stock of used motorhomes for Sale South Wales allowing you to drive away in your dream vehicle for less!

About Newport Caravans

At Newport Caravans we are here to answer all of your questions on motorhomes and caravans. Our experienced team can help guide you towards making an informed decision that will benefit you in the long run.

There are various dealers advertising caravans and motorhomes for sale South Wales but at Newport Caravans we have spend over a decade providing unrivalled customer service to hundreds of happy buyers.

Choosing between a caravan or a motorhome is no small decision and should not be taken lightly. Browse our site for the latest and greatest motorhomes and caravans, and give out friendly customer service team a ring today on 01633 843066

Are you to the world of motorhomes and caravans? Both vehicles are very different and are geared towards different kinds of mobile holidaying. Newport Caravans are the leading providers of motorhomes for sale South Wales. This article highlights the differences between both motorhomes and caravans.