Used Motorhomes For Sale Swansea

Posted on July 10, 2018

As decade-long established dealers of new and used motorhomes in the South Wales and Swansea area, we help and guide thousands of customers every year with used motorhome purchase. Over the last ten years we’ve exceeded customer expectations and have built a reputation in the motorhome industry as the best provider of used motorhomes for sale in Swansea and beyond. We value our customers immensely and in our eyes it’s only a good job done when a customer has found the perfect vehicle and is 100% satisfied. From various pieces of feedback and many glowing testimonials, we’ve noticed that our happy customers always identify three common themes as to why they would recommend Newport Caravans.

1. Twelve Month Warranty & Health Check On Every Vehicle #

When buying a second hand motorhome from a private individual you can never be sure as to the exact quality of the vehicle and just how guaranteed it is to last. We have heard many horror stories of individuals buying motorhomes from non-reputable sources only to discover wet rot problems, oil leakages and engine faults to name a few. Our team of technicians are expert in motorhome mechanics so we’ll never list any vehicle unless it meets our high standards. Many of our customers have commented on how much more secure and confident they felt knowing that their purchase was mechanically verified by professionals and covered for 12 months just in case something went wrong.

2. So many options #

We know that when buying a used motorhome, there is no such thing as one size fits all and to this end, the only way we can truly find that perfect match for our customers is by having a stock selection so extensive, it is unrivalled by any other dealer in South Wales. Our three acre site boasts the widest variety of used motorhomes for sale in Swansea with everything from entry level models, mid-range vehicles all the way up to premium luxury lines. Whoever you are, whatever your budget and desired use, we’ll have something for you. Being able to make the  joys and adventure of motorhome ownership accessible to anyone is a key driving motivation behind the Newport Caravans philosophy.

3. Helpful and passionate staff #

Our team receives endless praise for their helpful and dedicated approach to customer service. Buying a motorhome is not a decision taken lightly, you’ll be spending a significant amount of money on this vehicle and will be spending long periods of time in it. Consequentially, comfort and personal preference must be thoroughly addressed. When taking this big step, our customers have expressed delight at how communicative and engaged our team have been during the sales process. We’ve also heard time and time again how our extensive walk-through guides have helped customers get the most out of their motorhome before they drive away. In this vein, not only do Newport Caravans provide the best used motorhomes for sale in Swansea, but we also provide the very best service too!

Are you looking for a great deal on on used motorhomes for sale in Swansea #

If you are looking for a second hand motorhome in the Swansea area, let us show you why we are the best in the business. Our 3 acre site is just over an hours’ drive from Swansea city centre. If you have an idea of what kind of motorhome you want, then that’s great! If not our experienced team will be happy to help and guide you in anyway they can.

If you would like to make a telephone enquiry prior to visiting, please call us on 01633 843066 . We look forward to seeing you!