Used Motorhomes For Sale Wales

Posted on November 29, 2018

If you have decided to actively look for a used motorhome then you can be sure that there are some fun trips and holidays on the horizon. Opting to look for a used motorhome can be a very smart choice economically as you can pick up a range of great units at some eye-wateringly low discounted prices. Newport Caravans has carved out a reputation as a standout centre for anyone looking at used motorhomes for sale in Wales.

With many big new purchase choices, there are always pros and cons but weighing them up in a way that makes personal sense to you starts with having a clear idea of what you want from a motorhome.

Buying Used #

Savings & Value For Money

The obvious bonus is the sizeable cost savings that can be made through opting for a used model. This can be very good especially if you are new to motorhomes and want to find out what works for you without making too much of a large initial investment. Gaining great value for money is also a great benefit of buying a used motorhome model. For example, if your budget is £45,000 you would be hard pushed to secure a new high-end luxury motorhome from a manufacturer like Burstner. Yet hypothetically, instead of buying a new model from a lower level brand, you could afford to instead buy a used model (with a higher clocked mileage and older model) from a high-end manufacturer like Burstner.

More Selection Available

You can benefit from a larger and more diverse choice of vehicle should you decide to search the used market. This is because the used market is made up of thousands of different models from different years all with their own special features and layouts. Finding used motorhomes for sale in Wales can be very tricky. To review and pick a good used motorhome, you need to be looking in a single place that has a varied offering of manufacturers and models right in front of you. Not only this, but you also need to know that every vehicle that you see has been standardised, inspected and passes a rigid quality assurance assessment. If you are looking for the largest stock f used motorhomes for sale in Wales, visit our website. 

Buying From New #

Factory New

There’s no denying that a new vehicle straight off the factory line is in the most perfect condition it will ever be in. You can be sure that the there will be no stains, rips or wear on the interior or even issues with the engine. You have full peace of mind that the vehicle is ready to go and will not let you down even if you were to drive from Wales to the farthest tip of Italy.

Manufacturer Guarantee

Buying a motorhome brand new often means that you will be in receipt of an official manufacturer guarantee for usually two years along with numerous benefits. This means the base and conversion components can be repaired or mended within a certain timeframe free of charge should any issues arise.


As with any automobile or piece of technology, the inevitability of depreciation can be an issue that you need to account for if you have your sites set on a new Motorhome. Naturally, due to the yearly turnover of fresh ranges and models, the value paid for a vehicle will not be as high a year or two later. Again this issue is based on personal preference, so if you plan on using your motorhome for decades and decades until its retirement then this is not an issue. If however you are a stickler for the latest technology and plan on maybe reselling in five or so years in order to upgrade, you need to be aware of depreciation.  

Still not sure? #

If you are still undecided as to whether a new or used motorhome is right for you, its always good to get a second opinion from the experts. We’d advise you to come and visit our showroom and talk with our expert sales team. With a decade of experience and an ever growing collection of great customer reviews, Newport Caravans has always stayed true to the case-by-case personalised customer approach. We will be happy to guide you throughout our amazing selection of used motorhomes and dispense the best advice and recommendations based on your requirements.

If you are looking for the most competitive collection of used motorhomes for sale in Wales call Newport caravans on 01633 843 066 or visit our website 404.

The only place for great used motorhomes for sale in South Wales | Guarantees & full checks on every used model | Browse online and enquire today! 

The only place for great used motorhomes for sale in South Wales | Guarantees & full checks on every used model | Browse online and enquire today!