Used Motorhomes Swansea - How Much Does A Used Motorhome Cost?

Posted on December 13, 2018

Used Motorhomes Swansea - How Much Does A Used Motorhome Cost? #

The age old question “how much does a used motorhome cost?” is something that we hear a lot being the leading dealer of used motorhomes in Swansea and South Wales. As more and more people across the UK are becoming interested in acquiring a motorhome the market is booming, giving buyers a breadth of choice never seen before. Pre-owned vehicles are a great option for newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike due to the amount of money that can be saved. For those making their first used motorhome purchase, it’s important to understand that there are thousands of vehicles on the market at any one time. The overall cost of your first vehicle will be influenced by a number of factors all of which are interlinked.  

How Many Miles Has The Motorhome Clocked?  #

Milage will play a significant part in determining how much you will pay for a used motorhome.  Generally a higher mileage will indicate a higher level of use and therefore increased susceptibility to wear and tear. However, it must be stressed that factors such as how well the vehicle has been cared for will also come into the equation eg. a vehicle with 120,000 miles on the clock that has been correctly cared for and maintained is a more attractive prospect over one that has clocked up 70,000 miles but has not been serviced or maintained properly throughout its lifetime. Newport Caravans have sold many used motorhomes in Swansea and across Wales. Regardless of mileage all of our used motorhomes come with a professional pre-sale check and a guarantee for 12 months so that you know your vehicle is up to standard.   

What Year Is The Motorhome?  #

The more recent the year of the model, the higher the price it generally commands. This is because as the features are seen to be more up-to-date and current. A recent model also insinuates that there is a limit on the number of miles that the vehicle could have clocked in its lifetime and the hard use it may have endured. It’s worth noting that by comparison, a motorhome is not used as intensively as a car and therefore is not generally going to wrack up the same amount of wear and tear as a car over the course of a year.

What Berth Is The Motorhome?  #

Berth refers to the number of beds in a vehicle and is one of the most obvious factors in determining how much you will pay for a used motorhome. If you are looking for used motorhomes in Swansea with a view for planning a family holiday for say a partner and two children, you will need a large berth vehicle. This, of course, means a larger chassis frame, more storage, a larger engine and more inclusive facilities which will cost more. Again this is not a stand-alone definitive factor as a used high-end two berth vehicle could cost the same as a used entry-level 4 berth vehicle.    

Still Looking For Used Motorhomes in Swansea? #

When buying a used motorhome it can seem like a stressful process trying to factor in so much information in order to arrive at the right decision. That’s why at Newport Caravans you can rely on our highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team to offer impartial advice. We will work to understand your ambitions and desires before making any recommendations. This personal caring approach has resulted in us winning a collection of glowing testimonials from past customers.

We have helped many customers looking for motorhomes in Swansea and our 3 acre Newport showroom is just an hour’s drive away from Swansea city centre!

You can browse our extensive stock used motorhomes online and enquire today! To speak to a member of our friendly sales team call 01633 843 066.