The Road To Edinburgh Fringe - A Road Trip Of Three Nations: Part 2

Posted on June 20, 2019

Welcome back to the second and final instalment of our road to Edinburgh summer vacation blog. This trip sees us navigate the charming and diverse landscapes of the west of England all the way up to the breathtaking central Scottish highlands. In our final instalment, we’ll be venturing up through South Yorkshire, Northumberland and around the south west coast of Scotland before ending up in the captivating city of Edinburgh.

Lancashire #

Having left the peak district, a short drive via Manchester will land you on the western side of the Forest of Bowland which sandwiches the medieval town of Lancaster with the coast. The River Lune comes also runs right the way through the city and proceeds up into the Yorkshire Dales for about 50 or so miles. The scenery of the Lancaster canals is definitely not to be missed and the best way to enjoy them is by treating yourself to a canal trip where you can relax in serenity as you pass some of the most ornate and fascinating aqueducts these canals have to offer.

What’s more is the Lancaster boarding point for Kingfisher cruises is a ten minute bus ride to the from the Glen Tarn caravan park which aside from offering a place to pitch up has a selection of family-friendly facilities including its own tea room. Depending on how much time you have or how tired you are, it might be a good idea to set up camp at Glen Tarn for a few days and have a poke around Lancaster. If you are partial to a tipple, we strongly recommend a visit to the Lancaster Brewery and tap house where you can enjoy a brewery tour and sample the delights of a true no-nonsense northern beer.

The Dales And Scotland #

Traveling north on the M6 you have the entire finery of the Lake District to your west and even though by this point you may have had your share of rolling hills, we promise that nothing compares to this. The beautiful town of Kendal sits just across from the world famous lake Windermere which offers an abundance of great views that are definitely Instagram worthy. If you have time park up and have a picnic at Cockshott point and perhaps rent a Kayak for the afternoon.

Bearing a steady course along the M6 will transport you through the Dales and up to Carlisle which sits at the foot of Scotland’s captivating South West coast. This almost semi-circular route between Dumfries and Ayr clocks in at about 118 miles and is routed through two roads - the A75 & A77. This path is packed with quaint villages, wonderful seafood restaurants and world class golf courses all in the backdrop of huge skies and vast landscapes. We encourage anyone on this route to take a chance on exploring this wonderful stretch of Scotland because there are some real gems. Some of our favourite things to do are salmon fishing in Glenluce, beach strolls in Sandwith and browsing the charming shops and cafes of Girvan to name a few. There are many touring parks that dot the route which gives you a high degree of flexibility to explore un-pressured having to make it to a certain spot before nightfall. All of these facilities are maintained to an excellent standard and offer great seaside views.

Across South Central Scotland To Edinburgh #

The trip from Ayr to Edinburgh will take you across most of Southern Scotland via East Ayrshire. Do feel free to stop by the vibrant city of Glasgow for the day which is home to some of the best galleries and museums in Europe including the Glasgow Science Museum, The Glasgow School Of Art and stunning Botanical Gardens. When approaching Edinburgh from the A720, your first port of call should be to pitch up and get comfy at the Mortonhall Caravan & Camping Park which provides a great base from which you can strike out and enjoy the delights of Edinburgh and the legendary fringe festival!

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