Beat the Tax Increase with a 2019 Motorhome whilst stocks last

Posted on February 20, 2020

As you may have read, there's been a reclassification of Motorhome Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) which affects (most) 2020 models onwards. We're campaigning against this, and you can too at

It doesn't make environmental sense, and it's unfair on loyal customers too. But we have a plan to help you beat the tax increase!

BUY A NEW 2019 MODEL TODAY  and save thousands whilst stocks last!

Did you know? #

Some 2020 models also available at this reduced rate, fitted with Euro 6B engines e.g. #

So, here's everything you need to know about the reclassification of motorhome Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)

You may have read in the press about this – so what does it mean for you and how can you avoid it in order to continue to enjoy your mobile homes in the years to come.


Previously, motorhomes were taxed as private light goods commercial vehicles (PLG- 3,500 kg and below), or private heavy goods commercial vehicles (PHG – over 3,500kg). There are very different emission taxation bands for commercial vehicles and cars in the UK (much higher taxation for cars).


However, since 1 September 2019 new emission regulations (WTLP) require the CO2 emissions for all vans and cars to be stated on the approval paperwork.


So, whilst a motorhome uses a commercial vehicle as its base, it has a unique vehicle classification (M1-SA). This means that a new motorhome registered with DVLA will, (for the purposes of VED), move out of the commercial vehicle tax bands (private lights goods PLG/PHG) and will now be taxed as a car.


Cost wise, what does this mean? Well, the VED for a new motorhome will increase from £265 (PLG rate) to £2,135 – a 705% increase - plus there will be significant higher ongoing yearly tax costs for a further five years.


It’s unfair because, whilst we appreciate that the new emission regulations are important, and it is right that the taxation system encourages new car owners to choose cleaner, more efficient engines from the numerous ranges of engines and models available. However, motorhome owners do not have this choice: motorhomes will now attract the highest car tax, even if the cleanest most efficient engine is installed.  We also know that on average, motorhome owners are likely to do around half the mileage, PA of the average car.

How can you avoid it?

If you buy a vehicle from 2019 or before, you won’t be liable for this increase, so you can still benefit from a new motorhome without the price increase , THIS YEAR ONLY!

We’re trying to fight this cause, within the industry, but until then why not check out our range of 2019 motorhomes on our website here