Our Guide to Planning the Perfect Staycation

Posted on June 23, 2020

Everyone loves going on holiday. It's the perfect time to relax, spend time with family and de-stress. Yet, due to recent events, you have very likely come to the decision that your yearly foreign summer holiday will be cancelled. So, what else can you do?

A 'staycation' is a holiday which you take either close to home or don't have to spend any money on your accommodation. Touring caravan staycations are definitely on the rise and so is holidaying in the UK. Especially as there is one major benefit - there is no limit on your luggage! So, you can bring all the essentials you need.

We're going to look in depth at staycations, and what factors you need to consider when planning yours.

Please follow current government guidelines regarding travel and social distancing, and stay safe.

Plan Ahead #

Planning Holiday

Of course, there is no changing the Great British weather so it's important to be prepared. Make a long list of activities that'll suit your family, half for if the weather is rainy, half for if the weather is nice. That way you'll be sure to have plenty of choice each morning of your staycation, no matter what the weather throws at you.

It's also important to think about when you can go on holiday. Under current rules, day trips to outdoor spaces are permitted and self-catering holiday accommodation and the rest of the tourism sector is looking to reopen in July.

Choose Your Destination #

Whilst everything is reopening, people will be eager to get into the countryside, which may result in a rush in these rural and remote destinations. Large outdoor spaces will become popular destinations, especially as they will allow for social distancing.

The UK is set to reopen at the start of July, so this will likely be when you will be able to branch out and visit more places. The UK is filled with historic and beautiful places to explore.

Yet the perfect destination doesn’t have to be far from your own doorstep! Why not take time to explore your home town, or even stay at home and arrange fun activities for the whole family! A staycation doesn’t have to cost the earth, nor does it have to be hundreds of miles away.

When booking a campsite, take the time to research a few which welcome caravans and motorhomes, what their prices are and what facilities they have. It’s also important, if you are travelling with children and pets, to make sure the site is family-friendly and allows dogs on site.

Packing #

Obviously, clothes and food are essential. Make sure to pack enough food to last a couple of days, so you can get there, relax and find your bearings before you need to go to the shop.

It's also a good idea to pack a range of board games and a pack of cards for entertainment.

If you are keen to take the family bikes, a bike rack for your motorhome can be an important investment. This will allow you to easily attach bikes and then go adventuring.

A Staycation to Suit All the Family #

When you choose to go on a staycation, you open yourself up to a range of holidays to choose from. No matter whether you're used to an action-packed sightseeing trip in Spain or a relaxing break in France, you'll be sure to find something perfect for you, right on your doorstep.

A caravan gives you the space you need to create a home away from home, especially with added accessories such as an awning.

Most importantly, wherever you choose to visit, make sure to stay safe and follow government guidance.

So, why not talk to one of our passionate specialists today? No matter whether you are in need of an accessory, or even your first caravan or motorhome, here at Newport Caravans we'll be more than happy to help. Either call us today or browse online.