4 Reasons To Buy A Buccaneer Caravan

Posted on August 29, 2019

Buccaneer is the archetypical British caravan brand which can trace its roots back to the mid to late 1960s. At this time, Britain was enjoying a post-war economic glow and increased prosperity and the rise in production saw an economic boom and rise of popularity. This allowed Buccaneer to establish itself as the leader in contemporary British caravaning for the remainder of the century and beyond. Over the course of a few decades Buccaneer dealers has developed the touring caravan from its humble timber-framed beginnings into spacious, luxury units that are as stylish as they are comfortable.  

At Newport Caravans we have the pleasure of being certified as official Buccaneer dealers and can testify to the excellence of Buccaneer’s devotion to comfort, functionality and design. The entire team look forward to the preview season where Buccaneer reveal their brand new range for the next coming year. Year on year the designers at Buccaneer have constantly innovated their ranges providing a fresh approach to everything. 

As a professional caravan dealership we advise new and seasoned customers on a daily basis with expert advice relating to caravan purchase. In our experience this is why we'll forever recommend Buccaneer:

Self-Leveling System Come As Standard #

Pulling up to your pitch destination can be a massive relief especially after having driven a long way. The last thing you want to be doing at dusk is fiddling with torches and wrenches in a field to try and level your caravan. Buccaneer realised this a long time ago and seeing as the brand is associated with luxury and comfort, installing an integrated leveling system in every Buccaneer model made sense. Best of all, it is the might E&P self leveling system which will automatically level your caravan on any surface in two minutes flat! With Buccaneer you just need to park up, hit the self-level button and relax safe in the knowledge that your sink and shower tray will drain properly. 

Pure Space  #

When you buy a Buccaneer, spaciousness comes as standard and that’s not wooly advertising talk. Every range comes with a minimum width of 8 foot which sounds like more of a living room on wheels than a caravan! The Buccaneer clipper is a perfect example: a four berth caravan that has an extended open lounge space attached to the kitchen and comes complete with its own skylight which gives a sense of natural light and an almost hollow hallway-like feel.    


50 years experience  #

Buccaneer Logo

Above all, Buccaneer know what they are doing and after over half a century of caravan building experience they are still at the top which says volumes about their reliability and quality. Throughout the course of this time the methods, designs and materials have changed but the workmanship and attention to detail has remained unchanged. Ask anyone who knows their caravans about Buccaneer and you will get a positive response. Even better is the fact that the high standards of design and level of luxury is widely accessible by all in terms of price points. 

SoLiD Construction  #

The Buccaneer range comes under the ownership of caravan and motorhome icon Elddis. This means that the Buccaneer brand not only maintains the integrity of its traditional design fundamentals, it also benefits from a revolutionary form of construction exclusive to Elddis. SoLiD Construction uses advanced adhesives in the caravan construction process  to chemically bond the different parts of the unit together instead of using screws. The adhesive used in solid construction has an elasticity to it so unlike a screw fixed frame, vibrations, shakes and impacts will not stress the caravan’s joins. This new type of bonding also makes water ingress virtually impossible so much so that Buccaneer have now offered a 10 year water ingress warranty!